Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It's sometimes hard to get noticed

I've been madly throwing my plans around at different support groups and social networks I'm a part of and have had some beautiful feedback.  There have been several offers of stories (that will hopefully bear fruit) and lots of words of encouragement.

I have found it hard to spread the word but hope that in time, people will catch on and support this project.  I've contacted lots of different groups, some have replied, most have not even emailed me back - which is disheartening, I'm clinging to the thinking that perhaps they are simply too busy right now but will eventually get back to me.

My inbox was hit with my very first completed story a few days ago which all of a sudden made this all seem real - up until now it has been an idea that I believed in with my whole heart but wasn't sure I'd get the support required to make it work.  Without your stories, there is no book.  My greatest wish is for this to all come together and one day I will hold a book in my hands.  Helen, from the bottom of my heart I thank you!  You made me feel that the time I am putting into this, after my son is in bed and my husband is talking to me over my laptop is worth it.  This is worthwhile, it will help people and I should keep trucking along and try to get word out there.

So I shall keep on contacting people and will not be discouraged by no reply.  This will happen.  I have the belief and passion to make it so.  Now all I need is to find those beautiful people that are willing to share their trials with others.

I will find them.  It will happen.


  1. Hi Trine

    I do not have a story to tell but am 'following' your blog as I feel you have an excellent idea and I know there are many who will benefit from the realisation of your project.

    Take your time and don't expect miracles overnight. The interest and contacts will come and from that the stories will flow.

    I will put a link to your blog on the front page of mine. I don't have a huge readership but every little bit will help to get the story out there.

    My best wishes to you.

  2. The background and text are much easier to read now. It is important and I know that I do not read some blogs that are just too 'busy' - it overwhelms the content.

  3. Well done on the new layout! I really think this slightly more "serious" format suits what you are setting about to achieve.

  4. Trine, your project sounds wonderful. I'm not a mother but I have long thought that being told there is something wrong with your child must be the most harrowing experience a person can go through. Fortunately I do not know of anyone in need of this resource at the moment, but if the occasion ever arises, I will certainly be passing on this link. All the very best wishes with your blog and your important project.
    - Scather @

  5. Fairy - thankyou for the feedback and for sharing what I'm doing on your page. I know it will all come together and I need to be patient. After this weekend, talking to people and sending out information on my project I'm feeling so positive. I've already got some amazing people behind me and I can't thank them (you) enough.

    Artfindskate - How is the poll going that you're running? Almost finished now right? I agree, I like this better than the busy it was before (it was pretty but didn't suit the blog) Thankyou! xx

  6. Thankyou for your comment, support and advice Scather - you're a gem :) x