Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A new baby, gastro and the flu - What a week!

So the story begins with a little suit.  Perhaps one like this, perhaps not, who knows.  But there was a longing to fill it with another small person that would up my beautiful sisters family to four.  One gorgeous doting Dad, one beautiful loving Mum, one of the sweetest little rays of sunshine ever created and then someone to fill the suit and the gap in the family (after all, there was a spare bedroom that no one much stayed in - it just made sense to use it)
Within a very (very) short time the "good idea" became a small, though rapidly growing, distorted little jellybean type shape on the doctors screen.  There was much joy and celebration - a little miracle was growing.

From the time she was aware there was a baby growing inside her Mummy the little ray of sunshine showered her mothers tummy with kisses.  She marvelled at her brother/sister when it wiggled inside stating things such as "baby moooooves"....incase no one else could see.  She took visitors by the hand to show them the babies nursery and point at the places the baby would get it's nappy changed and sleep or just hang out.  She carried a dolly with her everywhere and would show people how she would hold the baby when it came and how she would kiss it.  Of course, you can never be sure what goes through a 22 month olds head.  We just had to hope that she understood the new baby wouldn't be as quiet as hers, and would give her competition to some degree for her Mummy's time...
We needn't have wasted any time on worrying.  From the moment they met this is what she wants to do to her new little sister.  The little miracle.
This is the newest little member to my family.  My perfect little niece Miss Evie Jean.  A little dot of a sister to the previously mentioned awesomeness that is Miss Riley Ann.

I'm not sure that my sister will even read this, she doesn't "follow" my blog.  During pregnancy the last thing you want to do is be reminded of the sadness that can come with parenthood or the journey to it.  But incase she ever does.... Ev, Thankyou for these babies.  Thankyou for letting me be a part of their lives, for allowing me to be an influence.  Thankyou for being such an amazing mother and an inspiration to me.  I see you - my baby sister - with your girls, and it makes me proud to know you.  Your patience, kindness and never ending love for your children shines through and you are, without doubt, one of the most amazing women I have ever had the privelidge of knowing....and I get to call you my sister.... Thankyou for sharing your love with my son - I make sure he knows how lucky he is to have been blessed with such beautiful aunts and uncles.  I promise to be the best aunt I can be to your girls.  I know if they grow up anything like you.... they are going to be incredible people who will be able to do anything they wish to.  I promise, for you and for them I will always be...right... there...

These two little miracles are lucky to have come into existance without a spot of bother.  The miracle of birth is just that...a miracle.  There are so many things right from conception all the way to post birth that can go wrong.  Luckily, and thankfully my sister and her husband have not experienced any such trials.  It's so easy to take having children for granted - I am a woman/man and it is my right to be able to reproduce easily and without incident.  Unfortunately it is not so.  But this week especially I have been grateful that these little people were allowed through complication free.

This is why I have been (finally) able to write a post.  My own little miracle, sick with both the flu and gastro...not a good combination I can tell you!!


  1. How beautiful to read, I'm just so happy for Ev, her resilience. How precious the gifts of our children are ~~ any shape or form, always to be cherished. Not a good combo for your little guy xoxo get well little man. I love your blog and will contibute soon. Yes, there are many like this but every story is unique, never shared twice. I have never heard two birth stories exactly the same...

  2. Thankyou for your support Michelle xx
    Yes, my sister is incredible, and blessed to have two gorgeous little miracles :)
    The little guy was off that couch for a total of 2 hours today - and that was to go shopping (desperately needed to) and I ended up carrying him around half the shop because he simply didn't have the energy to walk. But he will get better, this is so incredibly temporary, my little trooper is tough :)

  3. That's a lovely tribute to your sister. I'm envious of the obviously close relationship you share. :-) I most certainly hope that everyone is feeling better now! We have had the same bug go through my family and it most certainly isn't a nice experience.

  4. Thankyou artfindskate, all on the mend now I think. The little guy has slightly more energy today (though is still couching it) and his temp has gone thankfully.
    I am one of five kids and have always felt lucky to have such a big family. There is always someone to lean on, always someone to talk to, always someone to make sure you are alright or help you or make you smile. I have an amazing mother, a brilliant father and the best sisters and bother in the universe. I love them all with the intensity of fire. I am indeed a lucky girl. :)

  5. What a lovely post, and congrats to your sister and her family. She's so lucky to have you!! Tanks for your lovely words on my blog, as well!!

    I look forward to reading more of your story.

  6. Thankyou Kate, I consider myself lucky to have her :)
    (and...pleasure xx)

  7. Trine. That "letter" you wrote to Evelyn was so beautiful!! I'm crying hehe. Your blog is such an inspiration (as I stated on FB) that I decided to get back into mine once again.

  8. Good on you Manda!! You have quite an inspiring story to tell yourself :) And thankyou, I am lucky to have the family I do, and they say you shouldn't wait till it's too late to say these things.. so I tend to just say 'em!