Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Self preservation says...

That for a while I am taking a step back from this project. I am really struggling with many things at the moment and I require a little selfish mental vacation from everything extra curricular.
I simply can't give anything else the heart it deserves right now so, I am retreating for a time until my other goings on are sorted.
I used to be such a nice, constantly positive person with so much love and light to give (My sister pointed out she missed that woman, that she has become so lost to those I love truly hurts)
Many things have broken me down over the years and I haven't been running fast enough to stay ahead of them as I've grown weary from the chase.
I will sort things out - sometimes it's just harder than you think it will be. Eventually I will be whoever I was. Right now I'm a bit of a uselessly hollow whinging shell of the person I used to know as me.
So, as I don't wish to inflict this on any one of you and your stories deserve my 300% of effort and skill I will return, with a team of support and knowledge (This is proving too big to do alone, with no emotional supporters nearby) at some point - hopefully in the no to distant future.

Thankyou for your input, stories and support thus far. I will be back, and if you are still on board at that time, together we will get this book out there . Please do keep working on your story, and asking others to do the same. Still send them through - just be aware that no editing etc will be embarked upon for a while. I'm sorry.... I feel terrible... But this mental break is essential for me.

Sending you all the kindest thoughts I can muster xxxxx

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