Monday, 7 November 2011

Organ donor?

The things you wish to not think about, must be spoken of.

It's important.

There is a child in a hospital with their parents hovering over them.  Their mobile phone is always charged, it is always in their pocket, it is always on the loud setting.  Waiting.. and watching their child fade away, dimly hoping that someone will save their child.

There is a child in a hospital sitting beside her father.  Holding his hand while he lays there sleeping.  Every now and then she runs her fingernail across his palm, digging in sharply.  She is hoping that he still flinches.  She is dimly hoping that someone will save her father.

There is a baby who hasn't yet see the outside of a hospital.  Parents that don't dare make plans for tomorrow.  Relatives that ask tentatively..

"How is ..."

terrified that one day the answer will be.....


One uncomfortable conversation with your loved ones.

Five minutes of your life...talking of something you hope never happens...

Could give someone else days, weeks, months, years.. with their loved ones.

A child could be spared standing at their parents graveside.

A parent could be spared the pain of outliving their child.

So get over the uncomfortable selfish ignorance of thinking you will live forever and "someone else" will help these people.... Start the conversation.  Tell your loved ones if you wish to donate your organs.  Remind them every year or so (we have this conversation about once a year - at least!)
Then when your mother/husband/children has to make the decision....  When the tears are flowing and they can't think straight... they will KNOW what your wishes were.

My entire family are organ donors.  Myself and my husband.. and our son. 

THAT was a tough conversation.

We talked about what would happen to him if we were both killed.  We talked to the people we hoped would take him on and raise him with the love we have for him... then we made sure the legal documents with our Will's stated our wishes and talked to our families about this.  Everyone knows what the plan would be..

We talked about what we would do if we lost our precious boy. 

The decision was easy.  We would be shattered yes.  Unquestionably.  But we both agree that we would save someone else the pain of burying their child.  The gift of life.  Light from the darkness.

Our families know our wishes.

Infact, Joe even knows what would happen.  He's an incredible little boy... he said it was amazing that if we couldn't use our bodies anymore that we could save someone else's life. 

He's even asked on occasion if we can save animals the same way....My mini Steve Irwin.

Make the decision easy for YOUR family.

Have an uncomfortable conversation.


Trine xxx

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  1. Great topic Trine!!.

    I am unsure of what my husband wants...tomorrow we will talk about it. I myself have decided not to be a organ donor [my husband knows this] due to my disability, most of my organs are unable to be "used" again. But after reading what Master 5 has said I would like to also talk to hubby about possibly donating Miss 3's organs *shivers at the thought*.

    I honestly hope we never have to go through anything like loosing a child.

    Amanda <3
    Hobart, Australia.

  2. Wonderful post - such an important conversation.
    I have been on the receiving end of an organ transplant and know the value of this.

    I hope your blog post reaches many and the conversation will be had in many homes very soon.

    I am glad you shared.

  3. Amazing isn't it Manda that you're married, and yet you dint know this! But you're not alone. Many couples who have been together all their lives don't know the others wishes, nor how they would like to be buried. The conversation is either too hard, or has never come up.
    In regards to lil possum and your worst nightmare - someone is living it every single day...we only need to think about it for a short time and once the decision is made.. Hopefully we never need to think about it again. Xx

    I'm so glad that someone came through for you Linda, there is no greater gift xxx

  4. We just celebrated our 3 year old daughter's 3 year transplant anniversary. She was 6 months old when she received her 2nd chance at life. She is so full of life now and we think about her donor family every single day. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child and then making a difficult decision to donate their organs. We will be forever grateful to the family that saved our baby girl.

  5. Awesome post - I am hoping to give my daughter a kidney in the next few months. When I'm gone someone else can have what's left!

  6. Thanks Alison x
    What a wonderful gift - for the second time, giving your child the gift of life - that's beautiful. I hope it all goes smoothly and her body thrives after your gift xxx

  7. our youngest daughter died .... on the waiting list for a heart transplant .... believe me, the tough conversation about my wishes for when I die is nothing compared to facing a lifetime of the "should not be so tough" questions like "how many children do you have?".

  8. Everyone is fighting their own battle... My sadness at the children question is fair I think, or perhaps that was a random comment not referring to me.
    I'm sorry your daughter didn't get her heart. This is all too common an outcome and perhaps by putting things like this post out there we can save others from the same pain you and your family endured.