Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I'm tired of 31 - so lets get charitable!

For no other reason than the fact I'm sick of looking at the number  on my sidebar, and I KNOW (love the stats section of blogger ;)) that many more people are reading my posts, I have made a decision.

On November 10th, 2011 I will be writing down on little bits of paper the names of all the people who "follow" my blog.  I shall screw them up, pop them in a hat (note to self - get a hat) and pick one out.

  The person whose name is selected will get to choose which not for profit organisation or charity I give some money to.  How much money you ask?  One dollar for ever follower I have at 1pm on the 10th of November 2011.

Probably not much, but hey - did I mention I just lost a job ;) and for the types of charities I have had the pleasure to get to know through this book - each dollar counts. 

So share my blog - make people follow it (I'm not endorsing bribes or violence here... but obviously you do whatever you feel you need to...) and keep an eye out on November 10th to see if your name is pulled out.

(I'd love you to comment below saying who you'd like the moeny to go to if you're picked xx)

Much love!

PS (I'm *finger crossed* hoping to get my post honouring a certain someone finished today or by the latest tomorrow - even the person I speak of has no clue it's happening.. been in talks with a someone special to them.. yes, I'm sneaky :) Mwahahahaa...)


  1. i'd love the $$$ for the RBWH NICU in Noah's memory trust acct....fingers crossed :)
    btw Trine you didnt get back to me after i emailed you my story for your book :(

    That's it, I'm happy now :) << see how easy that was? And people have had the cheek to say I'm hard to please at times! lol

    Anon - I'm sorry! You are on my list of people who I need to reply to!! (There is a list... which will get significantly shorter now with this change that has occurred :) I did get it, and I will get back to you xx

  3. The Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group - www - fabulous organization and amazing support for families of kids with tailored genes. Keep up the good work Trine - your posts make me smile A LOT!!

  4. Thankyou Alison! Sometimes I wonder if I'm talking to myself.. but then I ask myself if I'm bothered by that and I tell myself no, not really ;)
    It is nice to get some "Hey I read the post where you said...."
    I'm really enjoying this ride - amazing that it comes from a place of such sadness and yet it's turning out to be moving in a good, uplifting way :)
    Feel free to share this post with the group you nominate - the more people that want the money to go to them the more chances of it happening xxx

  5. Hey lovely Trine!
    I worked out how to follow you thanks to your awesome directions lol. If I get picked out of the hat I'm all for the funds to go to the RBWH Foundation NICU, SCN and Proposed milk bank or just Charlie Bear's Gift where I pass the funds to the hospital lol. Keep up the amazing work! I really enjoy reading your blog as I'm sure many others do. <3 Steph xxxx

  6. Wow 40 must be special :)
    My charity is Bella Maguire
    And good luck hat shopping :)

  7. Thankyou :)
    To start with 1 was awesome, then 10 was a milestone.. and 40 isn't somewhere I thought I'd get (seriously, I'm not that interesting - though my project? That's worth tuning in to :)
    Only 6 days to go before a name is pulled out of the hat - I'd like to get to 50.. %
    $50 doesn't sound so frugal lol

  8. Hi Trine.
    Glad to see your not stuck on 31 anymore :D

    If my name was picked I'd live the money to go to the RHH NICU department. That placed saved my babies life and I am aternally grateful for each and every nurse, doc, specialist that works there.

    Amanda <3
    Hobart, Australia.

  9. P.S There is a lovely little clothing store in the Huon. I think it starts with E.... ;) Lol. I know they sell hats :)

  10. your blog is very touching love! if my name is puled from the hat i would like the money to go precious hearts <3 You have a heart of gold x

  11. Thankyou Shonny :)

    Don't Precious Hearts do a beautiful thing, absolute gemstones those ladies!!!

    Did you see the post here? It's so wonderful to know there are still people around who do good thing without a 'what's in it for me' attitude isn't it xx

  12. If I were to win (I think I have "followed" you correctly) then my funds would be going towards Yasminah's Gift of Hope :)

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  13. Hi Sarah! You're not on the list? Did you follow publicly or privately? I'm not on the list you follow either when I go into your blogs you follow? But I do agree YGOH would be a VERY worthy recepient of the (so far..) $150.00!! xx