Tuesday, 22 November 2011

They need your red stuff!

Did you know that in every state of Australia blood supplies are down?

Here in Tasmania, where they like to run at a 6 day supply MINIMUM we are now down to 2.5 to 3 days worth of stocks... provided nothing goes majorly wrong..

When you take into account the holiday season coming up and the accidents that happen during this time, combined with the fact that lots of people are off holidaying and not doing their regular trip to the donation point I find this a little scary - don't you?

So I've rounded up a few people to come with me to donate some of their red stuff.  Why don't you do the same?  Guilt a friend into coming to hold your hand.  Put on your brave face and take an hour out of your life to potentially save someone else's.

I needed a transfusion after my son was born.  Without it I would have been in quite a bit of trouble.  It is possible that Joe would have ended up motherless.  If that blood hadn't been available, my entire families lives would be different.

I'd like to repay the debt. 

There are lots of myths around blood donation so let me help dispel some of them.

1. You CAN donate if you have had a transfusion.  So long as it was within Australia and over 12 months ago (and you have the all clear from your GP)

2. You CAN donate if you have tattoo's.  They just have to be older than 6 months ago.

3. You CAN donate if you're 16 or over (in QLD you need parental permission if you are under 17)

4. You CAN donate if your baby is 9 months old.

5. You CAN donate if you are an absolute pussy -


I once punched a doctor when I was younger and he wanted to give me a needle (for good reason) I didn't mean to, I have a phobia...... this sometimes makes you a little crazy!!  I have had to have many MANY blood tests and shots in my life since and there is a point where it became something I was doing for my child... and that helps me get past it. 

I still feel squeamish at the thought of a needle. 
I sometimes cope wonderfully with my blood tests, other times I cry... it just happens, I can't help it. 
I don't mind admitting this because I'm human, we all have fears and things we don't cope with that well. 

This is mine. 

 I'm going to push past my frightened as hell because of the good it may do. I could let a mum have more time with her baby (like many people did for previously posted about Charlie and Steph)

That's better than any gift I can think of.  And it's certainly worth me putting myself through a little turmoil.

I'd like to give props to my Mum here.  She is one of the most selfless people I know and since my baby sister (now in her early 20's) came along she has found the time to donate over 80 times.  She now goes almost fortnightly to donate plasma which is a much more intensive and time consuming process. 

My Mum is my hero.  She's MY lifesaver when ever I need her, she is always....just...there... 

My beautiful Mum xx

and I have no doubt through her constant selflessness that her blood has been a lifesaver to many other families.

If my Mum can do it 80 times.... I can do it too.

Will you?

Please call them on 131495 and book your appointment!

(I'd love to know if you do!)

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  1. Trine,
    I've now had 3 transfusions to save my life. The first time was after major surgery my pop gave me blood....I'm forever greatful to him for that wonderful gift. The second time like you Trine was after the birth of my child, I had apron 3 bags worth. I'm not 100% sure what the last one one was for but I always remember nurses saying I could never donate blood. I to am petrified of needles.

    Lastly I just want to say THANK YOU to those people who do give blood, you could have saved my life..I am eternally greatfull!!

    Amanda <3
    hHobart, Australia.