Monday, 26 September 2011


My goodness me, I logged in on my phone to my fb page this morning and there were so many new messages and "likers" that I got a bit misty eyed!  But...lets be honest, it doesn't take much for my waterworks to malfunction on a good day! I'm an emotionally driven person - that goes every which way.. I deal in extremes of emotion - it's not a bad thing but having a "I'm so encouraged and touched that you are all supporting my project" teary in the loader is probably not so great.

Though I would like to say.... THANK YOU!!

When I launched into this with whispered ambition, carefully putting my feelers out for fear of being ridiculed or told I was dreaming and it would be an emotional project that would turn out to be a royal waste of my rare and precious spare time.... I never dreamed I would find such open support.
You following me on facebook, reading my blog, sending me emails of encouragement and sharing your lives with me has me humbled and honored.
I started scared and feeling a little exposed, after all I'm laying myself bare here also... But now I'm both energized and encouraged by you all.  I still have the occasional "Oh my goodness, I'm seriously in the deep end" moments but if I just keep on plugging away without putting too much pressure on myself, and with your patience, this will be wonderful. 

What some of you have dealt with is beyond my comprehension, you amaze me, and I am extremely proud to have met you. Already you are changing my life, as you will change others in the end.

Much love to you all xxx Trine

PS ( below is the reason I wasn't answering emails yesterday - today's excuse was work -- and I still have about 3 hours of it before I sleep - it's 9pm.. *yawn*)

This is my family and neice's Evie and Riley at Riley's second birthday party.  Precious people..

Enjoy your night, hold your precious people tight.
Trine xx

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