Friday, 19 August 2011

A DAY OF HOPE...(only a day too late...sorry)

Yesterday was fairly manic and I desperately wanted to post this then but no matter how clever I am, I still have not figured out how to go back in time (though when I do...phew, I'm going to be rich-rich-rich Mwahahahaa)

So instead, because I think it it belongs here I am posting today...

Yesterday was "A Day of Hope" and this was being shared around facebook... anything that gets people talking about these things, I think, is a good thing.  There were some beautiful comments, both from people who had experienced the pain, and others...  So, here I am sharing and doing my bit to bring things that are often pushed to the edge of conversational matter to the fore.  Wouldn't it be lovely if one day these things can be talked about openly, instead of being left to cry about in the darkness of the night after spending the day pretending that you're fine..

We were encouraged to share these images, and here we are (though I am aware I am most likely preaching to the choir)

These things are worth talking about (even if it's not the right day :P)

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  1. They are such beautiful images and strong words - they make my eyes mist up. I've always felt that the heartache I've experienced was so that I could possibly help others or at least understand that life isn't always fair or kind. These statements and the Day of Hope affirm to me that this instinct is true and valid.

  2. what a beautiful blog you have here Trine! just gorgeous xx

  3. Thankyou Stink-bomb :) It's slowly coming along!

    Artfindskate - life, certainly isn't fair is it xx