Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It's not that I'm being lazy - far from it actually..

I'm one of these not so tech savvy kind of people.  It's not because I'm old, I'm only 31 (once, this sounded ancient but now I'm there I've decided 80 is old and I have a while before I get there)  It's because I'm stubborn.  I get annoyed at how quickly things change.  The "new" thing that you've just learnt how to use after owning it for five months is no longer the best, newest or most appropriate.  I spend every day learning something about parenting or my work - things that I HAVE to learn about.... WHY would I purchase something I would have to spend lots of time learning how to use and then as soon as I've mastered it - upgrade and start again??

This is why I have one of those old flip style phones that calls and texts and that, thankyou ladies and gentlemen, is all *takes a bow on behalf of the simplistic device* 

However, lately I have seen the beauty of the little phones that are like mini computers.  You know, the ones that the people you are trying to converse with in the real world are using to coverse with people on the other side of the globe via the world wide web all the while not looking at you, but nodding and uhuhing in the sometimes appropriate places.

It would be handy to check my emails, or update my blog - as I don't often get time to stop and do such things - everything is done on the fly.  How many blog posts have I written in my head this week?  Ummmm.... many! How many have made it to the blog... erm.. *twiddles thumbs* ...

I have a voice recorder which my beautiful husband purchased to help me get my writings out of my head and into the computer. I have now tossed in my handbag and from now on, when I feel a little inspiration coming on I shall speak to myself (as it's usually whilst driving) and type it in later. 

That's fairly random information you probably didn't need to know.  Just letting you see that I am human, and will not always (most likely) be talking about this book - outside of it, other things happen. 

On topic however I have had many emails this week and some half finished "Is this what you were after" stories.  Kylee who blogs here has sent me half her journey with the beautiful Miss V.  It took me several tries to read what I have received so far.  I read, teared up, got coffee, read, teared up, folded washing, read, replied to email, and finished it.  Kylee said how hard it had been to recount those days - as we had expected it would be.  Yet she has done a beautiful job. 

Here, is a tiny extract of Kylee's Story - "Are you okay?"

"Those 3 little words…..”Are You OK?” I thought I was OK. As my Obstetrician was explaining to me what he had seen on the ultra sound, I thought I took it all in. I was fine I guess with the information he was giving me, up until I got up to leave, and he asked me “Are you OK?” That was the moment I burst into tears, and just cried and cried and cried. They took me into another room where one of the midwives was and called my husband Marcus to come and drive me….while I waited I was offered a cup of tea…..that’s all I remember…..when Marcus got there, Jamie came to speak to him to tell him what he had seen on the ultra sound."

It's funny isn't it.  That we can often hold it so together....until someone asks if we are okay.  (Or in my case, until I see/hear my mum!)


  1. Oh, I am *so* glad to hear there is someone else out there as much a techno-phobe as me! ;-)

    Oh, I can identify with that paragraph from Kylee's story - I have memories of a conversation where I heard some bad news following a pregnancy ultrasound what feels like a lifetime ago. I cried and cried and thought I'd never stop. I guess for me, I learnt that sometimes you stop crying on the outside long before your heart stops crying on the inside.

  2. that is so true artfindskate.....sometimes you stop crying on the outside long before you heart stops crying on the inside....

    too True...

  3. Oh artfindskate, I'm probably a BIGGER TP than even you (you have been blogging for a long time before I even found the courage to ask - what exactly IS blogging? lol)

    Thankyou for letting me share Kylee, as I said - you are doing beautifully xx

  4. Technology is going to convenience us right out of existence one of these days. I really do hate my "smart" phone. Whatever happened to two tin cans on a string?

  5. Oh for the days of tin cans and string! :) I wonder if you gave two cans and a piece of string to a kid now if they'd have any idea how to make them fun? (Oh I sound old!)