Wednesday, 31 August 2011

RU Okay Day

Now here's a BLOODY GOOD IDEA!!! (sorry if that's offensive to anyone, bear in mind I'm 100% Aussie)

So here we have a day that is dedicated to asking someone (a workmate, friend, sad looking lady on the bus) if they are okay. 'Bout time I say!

Now as a species us humans tend to want to be around in the up times of someone's life, but in the low points... well... we often lack the balls to stand up and say "Hey, you Okay?". Generally for the same reason that many people don't stop the car to check out the kangaroo they just hit is actually dead and not just laying there suffering....because if we ask (or stop to check) and things are not all okay... it's our responsibility to DO something to try to help the situation. Be it take the critter to the vet or end it's suffering - or with a human type issue... try to help by listening, giving advice or just offering a hug.

To ask if someone is okay, and deal with the answer appropriately is a big deal. You have to actually care.

On September 15th - try to give a damn, forget your selfish instinct to run when you see someone that might need a kind ear. Stand up, take a deep breath and ask...

"RU Okay? Everything Alright?"


  1. Trine.

    I'm defiantly taking part in this.. thanks for sharing!

    :) <3

  2. I know a lovely lady that I met only six months ago, one of the school mums. She's always asking if I'm OK and I get the occasional hug. She has the sixth sense - even I can't tell that someone with tears running down their face might be sad, so she's quite the talented one. :) But you can look visibly shattered quite often when you have a disabled kiddie and people seem to stop asking if you are OK. But she keeps it up. Champ. :)

  3. I love this ... It's not a hard question to ask, but it could really change someone's day.

  4. Hey ladies, it is a worthwhile thing, and I hope it really takes off this year. A good reminder to people to take note of others around you and to check in on them sometimes. It's not a hard question to ask you're right :)

    Ajax, she sounds like a sweetheart! xx