Saturday, 15 October 2011

Devastatingly beautiful..

Don't watch this in the office.
A box of tissues would be a grand idea.
The song in this video was written by a Dad of an angel from what I understand.. and the images of all these little people... a lifetime of memories built in but a moment together.. precious

To watch the video click here -- TLC Our Empty Arms -- if you're at work, leave it till later!

Footnote of no consequence:

It's funny, I'm on the computer at the table working on my book/blog/page/emails, Joe is watching a movie and he just came up to me to ask how a baby comes out - RANDOM!!! 
Knew this question was coming, and he's a smart kid so I explained how the process goes, from the growing in my tummy to the way my body helped him out and into my arms (we skipped conception!) 
I told him how much I loved having him in my tummy, how much I already loved him, and that he already loved me.  That the best most wonderful thing I had ever created was him, he is the most beautiful thing to have ever happened.

He easily accepted the facts of birth, and then with a hug and a pat of my tummy he said "Mum, did you love being pregnant and giving birth to the other babies? or just me?"

Aw rats, pass the tissues...

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