Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My friend Michelle

Evening y'all!

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front - there are several entries at draft level, and I have a few wonderful people  lined up as guest bloggers who will appear in a wee while sharing part of their stories and the turns their lives have taken since their little miracles appeared.  Which brings me to this - you are all most welcome to guest blog here at any point if you feel you have something appropriate to share...please feel free to contact me, I am more than happy to get your stories/causes out there. 

In fact, I'm part way through listing support groups and services that I've discovered due to this project and if anyone has anything that has helped them that they wish to share please either comment here or email me and I'll add it to the list.  Because lets be honest, when you really need support - is when you have the least energy and care to be able to find it - so lets make this easy for everyone!

Tonight though, I just wanted to share with you part of an email I received from a friend of mine after she'd been off touring Europe with her two teenagers (yes, I too hated her for a while)

Michelle has been a great support to me, with this project, and generally.  I haven't known her a great deal of time, but we have much in common - life.... has been busy throwing us both curveball after curveball... she has amazing inner strength that to be honest, I have no idea where she pulls it from at times... sometimes, on her behalf I would like to hide under a rock for a while.

I knew that Michelle was going to be writing a piece for my book, I had told her (as you all) that there was no hurry - no time limit, and it could wait until she had a quiet moment.  Well, I certainly didn't think she would pick a "quiet moment" on her holiday but here is a portion of an email I got upon her arrival back on our island.

Shared with permission from Michelle of course.....

"I wanted to let you know , I have written a piece I want to polish up for you for your book. I wrote it on one of the many train trips across Europe ( a surreal moment for me to be re-living the moment in my life that I found out my son may die when he was born)...but it made me feel like I had come full circle, a type of cathartic moment really. So, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to write about this event in my life ( in which I have had many challenges, like yourself). I love your blog, it is going so well---just as I thought it would. I know you were nervous and a little doubtful when you started, but it's blossoming into a lovely place to read and share.....good on you for having the courage to begin it. I hope to have the article written up for you soon--just need a little sleep and peace right now lol....

To Michelle, THANKYOU!

Sometimes, I assess my life and how incredibly busy I am and I feel like a fool for adding to that craziness by taking on such a huge, emotional and time consuming project.  Then I get an email like this, or I talk to someone who tells me they think what I'm doing IS worthwhile and again, I'm feeling like I did when I first voiced my dream.

Sleep well everyone. 
Hold your loved ones close.
Trine xxx

My little family, on a spring picnic - such a perfect day :)


  1. I agree.
    What you are doing is definitely worth while. Like I said to you (on FB) when you first started this, your were the inspiration I needed to get my blog up and running. Now before we know it our books will be on a shelf in some little book store, side by side. I'm honestly having the time of my life writing it and it's all thanks to... YOU!!

    Amanda <3
    Hobart, Australia.

  2. Oh Manda, you are giving me far too much credit! You are your own inspiration and your story is so full it deserves to be told :)
    I'm glad I helped to push you towards it though, and that you are enjoying it!

    Maybe a morning tea sometime to compare notes eh?

  3. It's so easy to be negative, I remember a lady suggesting this had been done before. Well like I said, NO it hasn't, this is YOUR life's journey, and in turn our own unique stories. So, no it hasn't been 'done' before. I am working on a book of my own ( in my spare moments :p) will take me a long time, but is still being written and added to those who matter most to me. My precious babes and my wonderful family and friends--you Trine I am proud to say are one of them. We share many things that quite honestly, I wish neither of us had gone through, but I guess that is what has shaped us and made us stronger :)

  4. Stronger, more stubborn, more tollerant, more passionate, more able to reach out, more empathetic, better Mums, better friends... yes.
    I'm thinking I might at some point share a little back ground to Trine on here... there is alot more to my background than what I've shared. If I'm asking people to give me their most raw version of themselves, perhaps it's only fair they know a little more about me.