Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Three small words

He wakes up, stumbles around the house to find me in his semi awake state.

He falls into me, in a kind of body hug that if I were not fast enough for he would simply slump on the floor.

He is five, where has the time gone?  Every morning I look at how big he is and I wonder this..

He rubs his eyes as his head lays against my chest, one arm slung around a once white teddy who has been loved to the point of threadbare.  A teddy bear that has no name, and is rarely snuck into the laundry for a little run around the tub.  Due to the distress of said five year old who says, with tears running down his cheeks "We have different smells Mum.  You don't like how Teddy smells, but I love his smell - he smells like love" - who can argue with that? I admit, Teddy isn't washed often enough...

I am often in a rather uncomfortable crouching "catch" position during this morning hug, but I would have it no other way.

And then, after the eye rub a sigh and a little snuggle my day is started in the perfect fashion.

"I love you Mum"


  1. Naw said 5 year old is so adorable...I can't believe he's growing up into a lil man!!

    Can you believe my 'said child' will be 3 in a few weeks? I know... sad :(

    Amanda <3
    Hobart, Australia.

  2. He certainly is, and I know... so big...I used to get sad that he was growing so fast and soon he'll be a man, but this project has given me perspective... he's growing, so it feels it's slipping through my fingers like sand.. that's not okay but still, he's growing.. that is worth celebrating.. not everyone gets to say that.

    Your princess is growing up beautiful - and no doubt, just as stubborn as her mother ;)