Saturday, 15 October 2011

Diva & Dude for a Day!! (Newcastle & Hunter region only)

Excuse the boldness of this post - apparently my computer and or blogger think it's worthy of being done in bold font and it WILL NOT let me take it off.  Being not very tech savvy I have thumped the computer, said a bad word at it, had a "cooling off coffee" and sat back staring at the screen asking it why...WHY? And then I gave up and accepted that yes, perhaps it is right.  This post is worthy of boldness :)
It's a shame that this is only open to residents of the Newcastle and Hunter region, it would be a great thing for other regions to take up - the only way to get the word out there, and get other people thinking of such great fundraising ideas is to do exactly what I am right now - spread the word, even if not everyone who reads my blog is in the area. 
Gayle Davies posted this link on my facebook wall yesterday and I just love the idea - if you know someone who lingers around this area please share this with them regardless of if they themselves have lost a baby/child we all know someone who has (unfortunately, this is true)
So, here tis lovelies, check it out!  Gayle and the crew from Kourdizo Photography - you're awesome!  I hope this raises a bunch of much needed funds for Sids & Kids, please let me know how it goes xxx
Nominate someone you know who has lost a baby / someone that you think of them, even though you don't know what to say.

Everyone knows someone who has lost a child. Take a good look at your list of friends / might just come up with someone!

Give them a shot at winning loads of gifts in December.

Nominations for Diva / Dude for a day are welcome from Monday, 10th Oct. Look here for forms -

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