Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It's all about perspective

Last night I received a text from my boss.
It was to apologise for the sporadic work that I've been offered lately and to tell me that due to the quietness of the business right now, I am no longer required... in a text...

So, financially that obviously bites (slight PANIC!) and I am so SO terrible at putting myself out there on the job hunting trails (read : severly lacking self confidence - can I just hide under the desk until someone just finds me?)... but there are bright sides I suppose.  One being that until I find something else I shall have more time for this book.  So progress might become a little less snails pace :) 

(think bright side bright side bright side....)

So today I'm thinking what I have to be thankful for, you know - in the spirit of glass half full (No, not spirit as in vodka... spirit as in.. oh nevermind, vodka sounds good ;)

SO...the listing begins..

1. I am alive, despite several iffy moments through my life when quite easily things could have swung the other way.

2. Joe. Quite simply.  That he stuck, that he grew, that he was born with all fingers and toes and everything in between, that he's such a sweetheart, that he's MINE!
he oozes awesome right?

And is unquestionably the best present I've ever received.

3. Paul.  Again, quite simply.  Because he loves me despite myself at times.  That he didn't freak out when the text came through.  That we have survived so much together and even though there have been times where I wasn't sure how the toast would fall, we are still here - together.  And I love him as much as when we met a million years ago.  He's not perfect, our life is no fairytale - but neither am I and together we plan to fumble our way into very very old age.

4. My family. Specifically my sisters, they are always there if I need them. They are the first people I turn to when I need a lift, or when I want to share something that has happened -both good or bad.  Each one is as beautiful as the other.  My parents didn't produce siblings for me, they made my best friends.

sometimes we're normal...

mostly we're not.

5. My parents. They're amazing in too many ways to list.  Nuff said.

(my brothers wedding, I think it's obvious which ones are our parents - that chick in the white? Megsy.. please see "Things I'm thankful for number 6 for the refrence to her)

6. The family that don't contain the same blood as I do.  When I was younger I had lots of "friends", these have been weeded as I've aged - concentrated if you wish, down to a very important few.  I don't have loads of friends but the ones I have I would do anything for.  These people are the ones that have stuck with me through the ups and downs of my life and theirs, they are an amazingly strong little group of wonderful people I choose to surround myself with and I love them more than even they probably know. (no pics for this one.. I know I have my families permission to put up their pics, my mates I haven't asked but... you know who you are xxx)

7. My dog :)  She is the sweetest thing and the best listener I've ever met... and has just produced a beautiful daughter with the same qualities (though a little more puppy crazy mixed in!)

8. The roof over our heads.  It's not flash, but it keeps the rain off.

9. My ability to super budget.  Just call me The Budget Nazi (you can, my darling husband does at times ;)

10. Oh come on are you still reading this? Really? Well... they're the basics, the bones of it all.. I could go on for ages..for example, the sunshine that has poked through the clouds this morning helping me to stay positive and chocolate (it's okay for breakfast on a day such as this right?)

There are two ways you can deal with bad news.  You can run around like a headless chicken (yes, I'm also pretty good at this method of dealing with things) or you can square your shoulders, put it all in perspective and march on.

Losing my job? Nothing when you compare it to other things I've triumphed over in my past.  No one is hurt, no one has died, no one loves me less.  Financially it's a bit of a hit, but I'll kick into super budget mode and we, as we always have been, will be just fine.  Today is just another day sent to challenge me and help me put things into order.

The important things are already in order, I just have to work out the little glitches that occur along the way!

And I have a great deal to be thankful for.

You are all part of my journey, and I am thankful to have met you - my exposure to the darker side has certainly helped me put little issues like this into the right light.

I hope your day is full of sunshine.  If not... start a list.. start with the simple things and go nuts... be thankful for your warm flanny sheets or whatever.. it helps.. really xxx


  1. great post!!!!

    Amanda <3
    Hobart, Australia

  2. Dear BN (ref #9 ;-))

    I'm so sorry this has happened, it sucks the great big cahoona. Still, I loved reading your list - you are right, it IS all about perspective.

    Here's to your book being completed in record time! x

  3. Thanks Manda x

    Artfindskate - I learned to be a BN through simple savings, and now I fly on my own with the tools they gave me. At one time this would have sent me into a spin but now.. I kick into action and I know it's going to be okay (not great, don't think "great")

    Today I'll be working on a blog post honouring someone pretty darned special and the work she does, I'm listing some things I no longer need for sale (nothing like a bit of EEK to get you to drag out the things you've been "meaning to" list!) and I'm going bargain hunting for other things I can make a buck off, stocktaking the pantry to see how long I can go without shopping (not that it's that dire, but each little bit helps, and who wants to be wasteful anyhow? :))

    So, despite not being at work.. pretty full day even when I don't include all the other things I have to do!!

    It's just another challenge right :)